Rocketry Components

The rocketry components here are a culmination of years of experience being involved in high power rocketry. The components that SMT Designs created are used in the fabrication of electronic equipment bays inside rockets.  The components allow the reuse of electronic bays between rockets and also to allow bays to change as the technology changes without having to re-design the entire rocket. At this time, SMT Designs is making available a variety of parts for the use in 38mm electronic bays. The components consist of a deployment bulkhead, connector bulkhead and finally a switch bulkhead. We hope that you find them of interest and would like to incorporate them into your next rocket.

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38mm Switch Bulkhead

The switch bulkhead allows outside access to the arming switch in order to promote safety both in setup, at the launch pad, as well as field recovery. The switch is a single pole-double throw arrangement that has a common terminal with one connection that closes when the arming screw is added and one connection that opens when the arming screw is added. The arming screw is a simple 6-32 machine screw that can be as long as necessary to actuate the switch from the outside.
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