Wiring Assistant

This is my version of a third hand that can be used to "assist" you when using SMT Designs' parts.
Manufacturer: SMT Designs
SKU: WRAS-00150
Shipping date: 2 - 14 business days depending on order size

This is my version of a third hand that can be used to "assist" you when using SMT Designs' parts.

If you place the assistant in front of you with the three slots forward, I can tell you a bit about the tool.

First, the long side of the tool is 2" for measuring wire and the shorter side is 1-5/8". There are two small holes on each side for pulling wire through if you want to use it to measure from a roll.

Second, the right side top has a 3/16" slot for measuring wire ends for removing insulation and a 3/8" slot for measuring heat shrink tubing

Third, the three slots that we started with, are for two or three wires that need to be soldered to the commercial switch that is used in the axial and radial switch components. The switch can be placed in the opposite side holder with the lugs up (you need to move the actuator knob to one side to fit it into place).

Fourth, the nine holes on the right side are used to arrange and hold the wires that need to be soldered to the DE-9 connector that is used in the sleds and the connector bulkheads.


  • Wiring Assistant


  • Length 76mm
  • Depth 41mm
  • Height 15mm
  • Weight 12.5
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