Standard Length BigRedBee GPS Platform Kit

This standard length platform supports the BigRedBee GPS transmitter.
Manufacturer: SMT Designs
SKU: DPLT-73491
Shipping date: 5 - 40 days depending on order size

This standard length platform supports the BigRedBee GPS transmitter.  The cavity below the device has room for the normal heat shrinked battery and GPS combination. There is a stop that the pcb rests against on one end to strengthen the device support under high acceleration.


  • device platform
  • four 3/8 inch 4-40 machine screws
  • two 7/16 inch 4-40 machine screws
  • six #4 internal lock washers
  • two tie wraps


  • Length 131.6mm
  • Depth 34mm
  • Height 14mm
  • Weight 22g wihout device and battery
  • Uses 131.6mm of bay length
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