How To's

The methods here are my own that I have used for years in my career.  They are meant as my best practises for ensuring that what you build will remain a reliable piece of hardware.  I would greatly enjoy seeing pictures of your finished projects and will I share them here if you would allow me to do so. Thank you!

The Basics

Preparation of Switches (PDF)

Preparation of Wire Crimp Terminals (PDF)

Preparation of Connector Block Terminals

Preparation of DE9 Connectors

Kit Assembly

SMT Designs Electronics Bay Parts

54mm, 65mm, and 75mm Hybrid Bay Assembly (PDF)

Assembly of Connector End Plate Kits

Assembly of Switch Kits

Assembly of Deploy Kits

General Electronic Bay Parts

Assembly of Switch Kits

Assembly of Connector & Terminal Block Kits

Assembly of Feedthru Kits

Electronics Bay Design - Putting It All Together

Designs for Electronics Bays