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54mm Interstage Coupler Bay

The 54mm Interstage Coupler Bay supports a Featherweight Raven 4 and GPS tracker.

75mm EggFinderMini Compact Tracker Bay

The 75mm Compact Tracker Bay supplies a secure mounting for an EggFinderMini tracker and a Turnigy 2S 850mAh 25-50C LiPo in a nosecone. The 75mm EggFinderMini Compact Tracker Bay is designed to install on a bulkhead using two 4-40 machine screws in nosecone bays 75mm and larger in diameter. The bay height is 2.75 inches and with an installed EggFinderMini tracker with a stubby antenna the total height is still only 3.5 inches. The bay has a central 3/8" clearance hole for a threaded rod to go through for attaching the bullhead to a nosecone.

98mm Plug-In Bay

The 98mm Plug-In Bay is designed to install into a Wildman 98mm Nosecone coupler that has two 1/4-20 threaded rods running down from a pre-installed bulkhead at the top of the coupler. Once installed, a metal bottom stepped bulkhead is added and fastened down using 1/4-20 hardware.

Tri-Tube Strut

The Tri-Tube Strut is one for four supports for aligning and supporting three 65mm (2.6 inch) Blue Tube air frames. There is a 0.55 inch hole in the center to fit a standard 1/2 inch launch rod.

SMT Designs NRE Donation

Non-recurring engineering (NRE) refers to the one-time cost to research, design, develop and test a new product or product enhancement.

Captured Modular Nosecone Adapters

The Captured Modular Nosecone Adapters are used to adapt a Captured Modular Nosecone base to other rocket airframe sizes.