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Compact Length StratoLoggerCF Device Platform Kit

This is a compact length device platform for the PerfectFlite StratoLoggerCF dual deployment altimeter. There is an optional battery holder available that can be added that sits underneath the platform.

EggTimer Quark Carrier Kit

This is an altimeter carrier for the EggTimer Quark dual deployment altimeter.

GPS/Dev Board Platform Kit

This is special platform size used for 54mm and larger electronic bays. It includes mounting for a Pololu voltage regulator, mounting for a 40mm x 60mm perf board, and wiring posts for connections.

Hybrid Bay Battery Carrier Kits

The Hybrid Bay Battery carriers are used to hold smaller batteries (9 V sized and select LiPos) in SMT Designs hybrid bays or bay adapters.

Hybrid Bay Device Carrier Kits

The Hybrid Bay Device carriers are used to mount smaller electronic devices (RRC2+ sized) in SMT Designs hybrid bays and bay adapters. Of note, the device carriers can be used as small footprint device mounts for more traditional bay designs or coupled with SMT Designs' bay adapters for even more versatility.

Hybrid Bay Device Platform Kits

Device platforms are used to typically mount larger electronic devices (RRC3 sized) in SMT Designs hybrid bays. Of note, they can also be used as device mounts for a more traditional bay designs.