Long Length ADEPT22 Sled Kit

This is a long length sled for the ADEPT22 dual deployment altimeter that includes a DE-9 connector cutout
Manufacturer: SMT Designs
SKU: SLAD22-02140
Shipping date: 2 - 14 business days depending on order size

This is a long length sled for Adept Rocketry's ADEPT22 dual deployment altimeter and includes a DE9 connnector cutout.


  • Sled
  • four 3/8" 4-40 machine screws
  • four #4 internal lock washers
  • five 3/16" 2-56 machine screws
  • five #2 internal lock washers
  • #2 crimp terminal
  • 1/2" x 1/8" heat shrink tubing
  • one tie wrap


  • Length 150mm
  • Depth 34mm
  • Height 7mm
  • Weight 19.3g
  • Uses 150mm of bay length

Sled Wiring Documentation

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