Conditions of Use

All rocket components on this site have been designed and fabricated by SMT Designs. The designs can not be duplicated, modified and resold without prior written consent from SMT Designs. If you are an individual, company, or organization and want to obtain the rights to fabricate and resell one or more of the rocket components, then please contact SMT Designs at

Rocketry can be hazardous.  Medium and high power rockets must be flown only at a sanctioned launch and by a member of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR), the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA), Canadian Rocketry Association (CAR), or other country's rocketry association that carries liability insurance coverage.  Even low power model rockets should always be flown under an association that has liability coverage.  A RSO (range safety officer) at a sanctioned launch will examine your rocket and ask questions about safety.  Making sure no one is hurt is critical to our hobby and sanctioned rocketry has an extremely good track record, but did you know that a NAR study in 2007 identified recovery systems as being 75% of all failures.  SMT Designs has developed products that are incorporated into rockets to increase reliability and re-use of electronic bays.  The details on completion of a rocket and subsequent flights are out of SMT Designs' control.  Always ask questions when building and ask advice from mentors.  SMT Designs leaves the final design in the hands of the builder and we would love to see the publicized failure rates go down.