Assembly of Connector End Plate Kits

The connector end plates are needed if you want to be able to field replace a sled with a different altimeter or easily upgrade your electronics at any time. There are two versions of connector end plates.  The first is the most common and provides just a DE9 socket connector.  The second version adds four wiring posts for additional wiring points in your design.

The assembly guide here details the connector end plate with a photo of a completed wiring connector end plate at the end (the use of a wiring section is shown in more detail in the Switch Kits Assembly under Radial Switch Assembly).

Note: the assembly instructions here are strictly informational and do not take into account any customizations you may have made.  I recommend having the connector fully wired when installed here and cut wires to length, as needed, for the other electronic bay parts that you connect to, such as an axial switch and deployment posts.  This does not mean you can't add wires to the DE9 once installed, but this might be the more difficult way to do it.

Connector End Plate Assembly

What you need for this

  • One prepared DE9 Socket connector - Preparation of DE9 Connectors
    • Five wires from end plate kits and four wires from deploy kits
    • nine #2 18-22 AWG crimp terminals
    • two 2-1/2" lengths of 3/32" heat shrink tubing
    • 20-40 watt soldering iron
    • rosin core solder
    • wire stripper
    • pliers for crimping
    • heat gun
  • Connector End Plate
  • Hardware from kit
    • two 3/8" 4-40 machine screws
    • two 4-40 K-Lock nuts
  • phillips screwdriver

Step 1 - Layout parts required for assembly

 Connector End Plate Assembly 1 of 3

Step 2 - Put 3/8" 4-40 machine screws through connector and end plate.  Secure with 4-40 K-Lock nuts.

Connector End Plate Assembly 2 of 3

Step 3 - Dress wires for later electronic bay installation

Connector End Plate Assembly 3 of 3

This completes the connector end plate assembly

Completed Wiring Connector End Plate Assembly

Wiring Connector End Plate Assembly