About us

SMT Designs is a small company that I started to offer photographics, electronics and software products. The name is simply my initials and what I do best.  I have many years of experience in a variety of fields.  I am an electronics engineer that can design hardware and write software for embedded platforms.  From concept, to prototype creation, to machining parts for whatever is being designed.

I am also a photographer and have reached a point where I am sharing my view of the world through pictures.  This transition into products was sparked by the passing of a dear friend Pat Stinnett in 2015.  She saw the world and shared her heart through the photos that she produced.  I will try and do the same in her memory. Of note, I do have a category called "The Stinnett & Hehn Collection" in the Image Catalog, where you will be able to find a number of Pat's images available for sale. I will be adding images in all categories as time goes on.

 I strive to maintain a high standard of quality in everything I produce.  I also wanted to make images available for everyone and not have the prints so high priced that a person could not afford them. I chose to supply prints in an unmounted condition, so that you could frame it anyway you want without having to pay me for a frame you wouldn't use.

 I hope you find images on here that "move your heart" as they do mine. Thank you.


 Stephen M Thatcher




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