3D STL Files

I am in the process of releasing all of my rocketry designs to the public domain under

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

You can read the licensing in detail at

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

 The following is a first pass of the naming convention I created for the Tinkercad file names.  It is a work in progress so not all information is present, but I will attempt to update as I can. Thank you!

 Tinkercad Filename Nomenclature

You can find them on Tinkercad by simply doing a "People" search for "SteveThatcher".

I have also tagged the parts with SMTDESIGNS, AVBAY, and ROCKETRY, but you will get more "hits" that way of other non-related parts.


My intent in doing this is to propagate the footprint standard I created for devices and batteries, so the rocketry community could benefit.

I would also like to see my designs come to a greater use by making them available for no cost.

I would ask that the footprints for carriers and platforms remain upchanged.  I recognize the need to change things when necessary, but changing

footprints negates the universal benefit they provide.  Take the time to look at my entire library of parts to get a system view of why things were done.

I will be available for questions regarding the designs and discussing changes if there is a good case for it.

Please get in touch first!


Standard parts for the 3D printed parts

2-56 EZ-Loc ultrasonic insert Mfg# FL-256-HI

4-40 EZ-Loc ultrasonic insert Mfg# FL-440-HI

4-40 EZ-Loc ultrasonic insert Mfg # TH-004-SV

6-32 EZ-Loc ultrasonic insert Mfg# FL-632-HI

8-32 EZ-Loc ultrasonic insert Mfg# FL-832-HI

10-32 EZ-Loc ultrasonic insert Mfg# FL-132-HI

1/4-20 EZ-Loc ultrasonic insert Mfg# FL-420-HI

5/16-18 EZ-Loc ultrasonic insert Mfg# FL-518-HI


Thank you!

Carrier/Platform Footprint 

Tray Footprint